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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Feb 15, 2022


[00:44] Intro to show and today’s guest, Vessi Kapoulian.

[03:54] One word that describes Vessi personally and professionally.

[04:38] Vessi’s background and how she got into real estate.

[07:39] Your personal home is an investment property.

[09:39] Talking about Cash flow.

[11:43] Vessi’s typical target return.

[12:34] Defining IRR (Internal Rate of Return).

[13:53] Vessi shares moments from her past that made her Resilient.

[17:08] Lisa shares why she likes underwriting.

[21:16] The formula Vessi uses for expenses.

[24:22] Top three markets Vessi likes and the reason behind it.

[26:41] Do you have a couple of favorite tools that you use from a technology standpoint in doing what you do?

[29:14] Vessi shares her Insider Secret.

[37:19] Favorite restaurant of Vessi.


LinkedIn: Vessi Kapoulian (