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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Apr 27, 2021


[00:53] Introducing our guest today, Todd Thorpe, a telecommunications expert with over 30 years of industry experience.

[02:30] In one word, what best describes you?

[03:09] Todd's personal and professional background.

[07:20] Todd shares knowledge he has gained recently.

[13:21] How is your industry...

Apr 20, 2021


[01:04] Introducing today's guest, "Mark Allen Kenny" as he discusses how to find smaller multi-family properties, Coaching and Education, and the importance of reaching out for mentorship. 

[02:09] Mark describes himself personally and professionally.

[03:48] Could you share your backstory?

[11:56] Why do you...

Apr 13, 2021


[02:35] Meet our guests today "Brian and Jeff" as they discuss Cost Segregation, with a focus on reducing tax liability in investment.

[04:35] In one word, what best describes you, personally and professionally?

[06:28] Brian and Jeff share their background

[09:41] What is Cost Segregation?

[17:35] Questions...

Apr 6, 2021


[02:00] Today's guest, "Kaylee McMahon", is introduced, as she discusses "Understanding your 'Why' in business" and Investing currently in the Dallas-fort Worth market.

[03:00] In one word, what best describes you personally and professionally?

[03:50] Kaylee shares her background

[08:34] Where's your company...