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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Mar 30, 2021


[00:55] Introducing our guest "Kaelyn Motzel", who gives an overview of the importance of property management, particularly in the multi-family space.

[01:50] Kaelyn describes herself.

[02:21] Kaelyn shares her backstory.

[05:21] About the property management space.

[07:08] Do you manage all the properties...

Mar 23, 2021


[02:23] About today's guest 'Brian Mitchell, who reviews Real Estate Investing Coverage and how the insurance policy responds, and also Risk transfer.

[03:47] In one word, describe who you are personally and professionally.

[04:36] How did you get involved in the Insurance business?

[06:17] Why are you...

Mar 16, 2021


[02:33] Our guest today, 'Corneilous Cannon' discusses strategies to create more time and freedom for your lifestyle.

[05:10] In one word, will you describe for us what your business and personal philosophy is?

[06:05] Corneilous shares his backstory.

[12:27] What was your defining moment?

[16:36] How do you...

Mar 9, 2021


[02:42] Meet Dan Handford, today's guest from Multifamily Investor Nation(MFIN), as he analyses the art of Delegation, as well as other key factors for business success.

05:19] Tell us in one word what best describes you personally and professionally.

[05:51] How things got started for Dan leading up to the...

Mar 2, 2021


[02:10] An introduction to today's guest, Amy Wan with 'Bootstrap Legal', as she focuses on the basic legal aspects of Real Estate Syndication.

[03:51] Explain in one word what really drives you who you are personally and professionally.

[04:22] Amy describes her journey to where she is today, personally...