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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Jan 26, 2021


[01:15] Meet today's guests: Chris and Ashton Levarek.

[03:34] In one word, what describes you and your business strategy?

[04:15] Chris and Ashton each share their backstories.

[12:20] How do you make high-stakes decisions?

[17:21] Chris and Ashton describe how they were able to close a 120-unit deal.


Jan 19, 2021


[01:15] Meet today's guest "Adam Nishikawa"

[02:25] In one word, describe who you are and your business strategy.

[03:23] Adam shares his history and professional background.

[05:40] What is the '1031 Exchange' and how does it benefit the investor?

[07:53] Can you explain what the tax rates are on the capital...

Jan 12, 2021


[01:25] Introducing today's guest "Abel Pacheco"

[03:30] In one word, how do you describe yourself professionally and personally?

[04:14] Abel shares his backstory

[07:12] Key factors that helped continue the momentum to move from an income of 5million dollars a year to over 57 million dollars a year.


Jan 5, 2021


[01:44] Meet today's guest "Brian Briscoe"

[02:28] How Brian got into Real Estate, and the journey so far.

[09:20] Brian shares the source of his inspiration for defining his path in Real Estate.

[16:28] What did you have to learn differently to do what you're doing today?

[19:15] About Brian's team and team...