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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Feb 23, 2021


[01:50] Meet our guest for today, 'Thompson Borque' as she discusses 'Tax Planning' and its long term benefits

[03:05] Thompson shares her background, and how she got into Tax Planning.

[04:50] In one word can you define your strategy, personally and professionally?

[10:35] What's the best way to plan...

Feb 16, 2021


[03:10] Introducing our guest, 'Rob Beardsley', from Lone Star Capital, to discuss the power of Networking, Underwriting, and Capital Markets as they correlate to multi-family investing.

[04:01] Rob describes himself personally and professionally in one word; Pursuit.

[04:51] An overview of Rob's background.

Feb 9, 2021


[01:45] About today's guest, 'Kam Zainabadi', with Park Place Investment, discussing the topics of  Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Resilience in Multi-family Investing.

[04:35] In one word describe who you are personally and professionally.

[05:40] Kam's background and professional history.

[11:20] What is...

Feb 2, 2021


[02:56] Mike introduces today's guest, 'Ira Singer', a contractor to discuss construction transformation and low disruption high ROI projects in these times.

[04:21] In one word, can you describe your personal and business focus?

[04:57] What do you mean by a Relationship Builder?

[07:04] Ira shares his...