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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Feb 22, 2022


[00:39] Intro to show and today’s guest, Mandy McAllister.

[03:13] One word that describes Mandy personally and professionally.

[03:53] Mandy’s background and how she got into real estate.

[04:48] Planted the seed of must be real estate investor at 19, didn't buy anything with the express purpose of investment until I was 35

[12:00] Going right into small multi-units.

[14:15] Explaining cap rates.

[17:04] Talking about a loan to value.

[18:09] Mandy talks about the whole process around buying the next property.

[20:34] The states Mandy likes for investing in multifamily.

[21:48] How do you make high stake decisions?

[24:15] What can you do with a B class asset and how do you increase value?

[26:08] Mandy’s three favorite technology platforms.

[31:53] Mandy’s Insider Secret.

[32:38] Favorite tourist attraction.

[34:06] Favorite restaurant of Mandy.