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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Feb 8, 2022


[00:44] Intro to show and today’s guest, Lisa Russell.

[03:45] One word that describes Lisa personally and professionally.

[04:35] Lisa’s background and professional career.

[07:17] Starting in the Student housing space.

[08:39] Talking about “by the bed versus by the unit rentals”.

[15:05] The defining moment in Lisa’s life.

[17:34] Top three most important systems an effective property manager should have.

[24:00] Lisa shares her opinion about the best hire today in the multifamily space.

[28:47] There is nothing better than the old-school process in the presence of technology, social media, and all the stuff.

[30:34] The role of social media in good operations of property management.

[34:36] Lisa shares her Insider Secret.

[37:19] Favorite tourist attraction of Lisa.