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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Dec 21, 2021

[00:55] Daily disciplines to start off your day on a good note.
[02:22] Introduction to this week’s guest, Mike Wolf.
[03:25] One word that describes Mike W personally and professionally.
[04:22] How Mike W first got into real estate.
[07:59] Where Mike W was born and raised.
[09:04] Mike W investing in different asset classes.
[11:15] Where the market seems to be headed.
[14:38] Underwriting and making calculated decisions.
[16:59] Raising capital and self-funding.
[19:13] How to find investors and get the word out.
[22:55] Mike W as a speaker on the TEDx stage. 
[24:42] Investing between Canada and the U.S.
[26:41] Making high stake decisions.
[29:01] Teams, systems, & strategies.
[31:33] Mike W’s “insider secret”.
[34:08] Bonus questions round.
[36:26] How to contact Mike W and get ahold of his book.
[36:47] Closing remarks.
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