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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Dec 7, 2021

[01:58] Introduction and bio of today’s guest, Agostino Pintus.
[03:23] One word that describes Agostino.
[04:38] Beginning of his career. 
[05:47] Living your life in fear. 
[07:34] The dark years.
[08:54] What changed the direction of Agostino’s career path.
[10:21] Current projects Realty Dynamics are working on.
[10:51] Triple Net Funds explained.
[12:45] Why invest your money into tangible assets.
[17:27] Agostino talks about Realty Dynamics and what they do. 
[20:45] How Agostino approaches underwriting.
[22:13] Agostino’s opinion on where the market is headed.
[24:09] Realty Dynamics current fund and plan for the future.
[26:55] Techniques for raising capital. 
[30:15] Bonus questions round.
[32:20] How to get a hold of Agostino.
[32:45] Closing remarks.
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