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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Nov 16, 2021

[01:36] Introduction to the guest, Mark Dolfini.
[02:09] One word that describes Mark.
[03:43] Beginning of Mark’s career.
[05:45] Working in your business vs. on your business. 
[07:03] How much is your time worth?
[08:24] Fear of success is actually fear of loss. 
[09:24] Mark’s time in the hospital.
[11:23] Mark starts to take back control over his life.
[13:18] College education in finance vs. learning on your own. 
[16:27] The defining moment in Mark’s life.
[19:15] A discussion of Mike & Mark’s faiths.
[21:48] Mark talks about his books, The Time Wealthy Investor and The Judge.
[25:21] Mark talks about landlording and decision making in your business. 
[27:10] Making highstake decisions. 
[28:24] Bonus question round.
[30:23] How to get ahold of Mark.
[30:49] Closing remarks.