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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Nov 9, 2021


[02:26] One word that describes Joe.
[04:55] What the Paralympics are. 
[05:42] The day of Joe’s accident. 
[08:52] What helped Joe during/after becoming paralyzed. 
[11:54] How fast life can change in an instant. 
[15:14] Joe’s opinion on being “self-made.”
[16:59] Joe’s mindset at 19 vs. now.
[20:06] Being in an inter-abled marriage. 
[21:49] Accountability and being held accountable. 
[22:41] What the Delagrave family will be up to in the near future. 
[23:55] Bonus question round. 
[25:15] Where to find Joe online. 
[25:48] Closing remarks.