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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Jun 29, 2021


[01:40] I am joined by "Brian Trippe".

[03:10] In one word, what describes you best personally and professionally?

[06:08] Brian shares his backstory.

[09:34[ How would you consider living your life at the fullest? What would be exceptional for you today?

[12:24] Brian shares about his weekly schedule and his love for hiking.

[12:40] When you went for that hike yesterday, where did you go? Out in the woods or up the mountain?

[13:39] So are you doing any real estate deals right now or are you involved in any real estate that's going on right now?

[16:28] When you're wholesaling deals, are they residential or are they multifamily? What spaces are those wholesale deals in?

[18:24] When it comes to technology and systems, what are the best resources you would recommend?

[17:17] How somebody coming into the business should be networking?

[27:38] Where's your passion come from Brian?

[33:50] Favorite tourist attraction?

[35:13] Favorite book "The Catcher in The Rye" by Mr. Holden Caulfield.

[32:18] Advice for a brand new investor coming into the business today.

[22:20] How to contact Brian Trippe – DM on Facebook (Brian Trippe), Instagram (Brian J Trippe)