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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Jun 15, 2021


[02:35] Introducing today's guest, Dan Lewkowicz.

[04:21] In one word, Dan, what describes you best personally and professionally?

[05:16] Dan Lewkowicz’s background story.

[16:29] What's your deep-rooted passion in real estate?

[20:22] When somebody buys a Wendy's, what are they buying actually?

[21:40] Some of the resources that you use as a commercial broker, what are some of your best resources technology-wise?

[23:57] How Dan uses LinkedIn to sell properties.

[24:25] What do you see as any big pitfalls that are out there that an investor should look for?

[26:30] Do you really think that 10 31 will go away?

[32:48] What are some techniques that you use right now or working on for your company and marketing your course that you're building?

[34:37] Favorite tourist attraction of Dan.

[35:21] Favorite book of Dan: “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

[38:46] How to contact Dan: LinkedIn (Dan Lewkowicz), Phone (248-943-2838)