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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Jun 1, 2021


[01:13] About today's guest, Prashant Kumar.

[02:14] What best describes you personally and professionally?

[04:18] Tell us how you got into the Real Estate business.

[11:50] When you're going to invest your money into a syndication deal, how do you vet that sponsor?

[16:30] How do you go about raising capital today?

[20:40] How do you make high stake decisions?

[25:01] What do you know today that you wish you would have know when you first got started?

[28:50] Prashant shares resources he makes use of in Real Estate.

[30:24] How do you go about building a personal brand?

[32:02] Advice for new investors

[37:10] How to contact Prashant: Get A Free 7 Day Internet course and a passionate Passive investor club on his website (