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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Feb 1, 2022

[00:44] Intro to show and today’s guest, Erica Meitz.
[01:49] Erica’s background and professional career.
[02:43] One word that describes Erica personally and professionally.
[03:33] Filling in the gaps of Erica’s career.
[04:46] What Erica looks for in a good team member.
[06:00] Erica’s preferred real-estate sector.
[07:23] Involving sustainability in real estate.
[09:09] The primary markets Erica is involved with today.
[12:20] What to look for in real estate deals before getting involved.
[14:47] Hitting roadblocks during projects.
[16:24] Erica’s ideal investor, and what she looks for.
[18:31] Where to find potential investors.
[22:11] Dealing with stress, and high stake decisions.
[24:01] Favorite technology resources.
[26:56] Advice for new investors.
[29:09] Bonus questions round.
[31:07] How to contact and connect with Erica.
[31:28] Closing remarks.