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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

May 25, 2021


[01:20] Meet today's guest, Travis Watts, a full-time passive investor.

[02:13] One word that describes you personally and professionally.

[02:43] Travis shares his backstory.

[07:28] What was the defining moment for your entry into Real Estate?

[10:18] What is a Real Estate syndication?

[20:36] How do you vet...

May 18, 2021


[00:38] Introducing today's guest, Joshua Ferrari.

[02:15] In one word, describe who you are personally and professionally.

[04:00] Joshua Ferrari's background story.

[08:44] What was the defining moment that caused you to go into Real Estate?

[11:48] How do you raise capital?

[16:55] Has the pandemic made it...

May 11, 2021


[00:42] Introducing our guest "DJ McClure", Director of Sales at National Flood Experts.

[02:08] In one word, describe yourself personally and professionally?

[02:29] DJ McClure narrates his backstory.

[03:56] Discovering the hidden value in an asset; How National Flood Experts helps people in the Investment...

May 4, 2021


[00:30] Introducing today's guest, 'Terry Hale'.

[01:27] In one word, describe yourself.

[02'33] A brief history from Terry Hale.

[08:35] How do you gauge success?

[11:20] What space are you in, within commercial Real Estate?: "The two best strategies to profit with commercial Real Estate" by Terry...