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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

May 11, 2021


[00:42] Introducing our guest "DJ McClure", Director of Sales at National Flood Experts.

[02:08] In one word, describe yourself personally and professionally?

[02:29] DJ McClure narrates his backstory.

[03:56] Discovering the hidden value in an asset; How National Flood Experts helps people in the Investment space. 

[08:95[ How much pushback do you get from lenders and what kind of data do you present?

[13:10] How does the process go?

[15:00] How expensive is the process?

[17:24] DJ McClure's insider secret for the multi-family investor.

[18:24] When it comes to technology and systems, what are the best resources you would recommend?

[19:14] DJ McClure's approach to making high stake decisions

[20:00] What questions should an investor ask before engaging someone in your field on a project?

[20:46] Advice for new investors

[22:20] How to contact DJ McClure- Website ( or Email ( or