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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

May 18, 2021


[00:38] Introducing today's guest, Joshua Ferrari.

[02:15] In one word, describe who you are personally and professionally.

[04:00] Joshua Ferrari's background story.

[08:44] What was the defining moment that caused you to go into Real Estate?

[11:48] How do you raise capital?

[16:55] Has the pandemic made it easier or more difficult to raise money in this environment?

[23:28] How Josh raised 6 million in 30days using Facebook live videos.

[31:10] Concerning technology, what are the best resources you use in your business?

[38:26] How do you make high stake decisions?

[41:41] Insider Secrets from Josh

[44:55] Best book you've ever read: Extreme Ownership  by Jocko Willink

[45:01] How to contact Josh: Podcast (Creative Capital podcast), Website (, Instagram (Ferrari capital), LinkedIn and Facebook (Josh Ferrari), Email (