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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Jul 18, 2023

Key Takeaways

Overcome obstacles with determination and a growth mindset.

Real estate offers diverse income streams for wealth creation.

Utilize other people's money to invest in real estate with limited personal capital.

Investors exercise caution while seeking higher returns in the current market climate.

Explore alternative investments like express car washes for income potential and risk diversification.

Invest based on operator expertise, market analysis, and risk mitigation, rather than being influenced by market sentiments or doomsday predictions.


[00:40] Intro to Podcast

[02:37]] Intro to episode guest

[03:23] One word that describes Whitney personally and professionally.

[04:36] Could you let people know who you are, what you do?

[11:00] Let’s talk about people who want to get into the real estate space as a passive investor.

[13:40] Not all investors want to be in multifamily or want to be in self-storage and car washes could be an alternative for them. What type of a return is the investor looking for today?

[17:10] What is the current investor sentiment regarding yield expectations and the likelihood of achieving a 20% return in today's market given the prevailing interest rates?

[24:00] How has the technology of dryers in express car washes improved compared to the past, and how does this improvement make it more appealing to use an express car wash instead of a hand car wash?

[28:27] How about self-storage? How much self-storage are you doing? And what markets do you like for self-storage today?