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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

May 28, 2024

Key Takeaways

Mindset Matters: How you think about capital raising can significantly impact your success. Focusing on the positive aspects and opportunities can make the process easier and more fruitful.

Importance of Follow-Up: A key reason for losing potential investors is the lack of follow-up. Having a mapped-out process ensures that you stay in touch and guide potential investors through their journey.

Automation in Processes: Automating your follow-up processes, including emails and text messages, can help manage leads efficiently and ensure that no potential investor falls through the cracks.

Regular Content is Crucial: Regular contact with potential investors through newsletters, emails, and other content helps maintain top-of-mind awareness.

Diverse Communication Channels: Different people prefer different methods of communication. Utilizing a variety of channels, such as emails, texts, social media, and face-to-face meetings, can help build stronger relationships.

Specialized Tools and Resources: Using specialized tools and services like Apartment Investors Pro can streamline your process of building websites and managing investor relationships, ultimately aiding in raising more capital.

Episode Timeline

[00:01:00] - Introduction by Mike Morawski: The importance of mindset in raising capital

[00:02:00] - Introduction of guest Todd Heitner and discussion on weather

[00:03:00] - Todd Heitner shares his background and business.

[00:05:00] - Todd talks about his transition from cattle ranching to web design.

[00:07:00] - Discussion on the functionality and benefits of specialized websites for real estate investors

[00:09:00] - How Todd’s services include hosting and support.

[00:11:00] - Importance of automated and manual follow-up processes in investor relations/

[00:13:00] - Common mistakes in capital raising and the importance of having a mapped-out process.

[00:15:00] - Mike and Todd discuss the importance of follow-up and process in raising capital.

[00:18:00] - Effective communication methods for capital raising.

[00:19:00] - Discuss Todd's role in helping build processes rather than raising capital directly.

[00:20:00] - How to get started with Apartment Investors Pro and the best ways to drive website traffic.

[00:22:00] - Bonus questions: Todd’s favorite book and tourist attraction.

[00:24:00] - Conclusion and final thoughts by Mike Morawski.




In this episode, Mike Morawski talks with Todd Heitner from Apartment Investors Pro about the importance of mindset in raising capital, the role of automation in follow-up processes, and effective communication strategies for investor relations. Todd emphasizes the significance of having a mapped-out process to ensure no potential investor is left behind and shares insights on how to build a robust system for capital raising. They also discuss the importance of regular content and diverse communication channels in maintaining investor relationships.