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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Mar 15, 2022


[02:26] Today, I'm joined by Kathy Fettke.

[03:55] One word that describes Kathy personally and professionally.

[04:48] Kathy shares her backstory and how she got into real estate.

[10:28] How does your portfolio today split up? What portion is single-family versus multi-family or other parts of commercial property?

[13:13] Kathy started syndication in 2010 when she didn’t even know what it meant.

[15:45] How are you looking at deals today?

[20:17] Kathy talks about how she looks at a market and what markets she is looking at?

[28:32] Talking about raising and capital and what it is like today.

[29:16] . So let's talk about some underwriting fundamentals. What are the key points you look at and how conservative are you being around those?

[31:00] Kathy talks about the deals she passed up and later thought she should have bought those.

[32:34] How do you make high-stress decisions?

[36:22] Favorite tourist attraction.

[36:35] Favorite restaurant.

[36:56] Best book you’ve ever read?



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