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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Jul 20, 2021


[02:31] Today, I'm excited about my guest, Dan Kryzanowski.

[03:57] In one word, can you describe for us what best describes you personally and professionally?

[05:50] Dan shares his backstory.

[09:21] Do you think that you wind up resting on your laurels, that people get comfortable and they feel like we've got this?

[11:09] So in your own personal career, what's been a real defining moment for you to take you to where you're at today?

[14:50] Do you think we're going to stay like this? Or do you see a looming effect that's going to happen here in the market?

[19:57] Dan discusses about the stock market and shares a personal short story that relates to it.

[25:49] Let's talk about raising money, right? So when you raise money and you're in this dynamics right now, what do you say to investors?

[28:53] When you're raising private equity, how do you go about doing that?

[30:29] Do you ever see yourself or do you ever see those types of deals get into a place where people go, man, this is too good to be true?

[31:48] What advice would you give an investor in the multifamily space today?

[33:58] Favorite tourist attraction?

[35:35] Best book ever read; "Skin In The Game" by Taleb.

[38:29] How to contact Dan, search for Dan Kryzanowski on LinkedIn.