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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Jul 13, 2021

[01:51] We're going to talk to Jennifer Grimson.
[04:01] in one word, describe to the listeners, what describes you personally and professionally?
[04:45] Jennifer shares her backstory.
[06:02] So here's what I want to know. You got divorced and your ex-husband sued you 25 times for what?
[10:26] After that happened, then where did you go from there?
[14:04] So how long did it take you to fix your credit?
[19:02] Where are we at today now?
[24:32] So even after all those lawsuits in that you still had your 401ks and you were able to leverage on there?
[27:14] So how did you take that money? Did you put it into a self-directed IRA and do the investment or did you pull the capital out and borrow it against your IRA. How did you structurally set that up?
[29:08] Jennifer talks about Micro Empires.
[38:21] Jennifer shares about her current life and where she is today.
[42:51] There's always a higher stake decision that we have to make somewhere, but how do you do that today?
[47:08] How to contact Jennifer; Book an appointment to speak at (, on Social media search for Jennifer Grimson or Micro Empires.