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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Jul 6, 2021


[01:55] I am excited today about our guest on Insider Secrets, Kyle Mitchell

[03:34] In one word, tell us what describes you personally and professionally?

[04:36] Kyle shares his backstory.

[09:14] So tell us a little bit about your portfolio. Where's it at? What type of product and asset class?

[10:05] Do you buy an older product or do you not? What's your thoughts on the age piece of this?

[16:55] Do you use third party to manage your properties?

[19:46] How difficult do you find it is or pushback do you get from your onsite staff or your property manager when you want to go in and make a change?

[21:29] What types of things have you seen as a result of adding more value locally in neighborhoods?

[24:09] When you talk about holding people accountable, you mean that property manager or your onsite staff?

[24:49] How do you go about making high stake decisions when it comes time to do?

[26:00] Kyle shares about the systems and techniques they use.

[28:11] Kyle talks about the best amenity in their properties that helps generate some extra revenue.

[31:42] One of those Insider Secrets that you feel best has helped scale your business?

[32:24] Last thoughts by Kyle.

[33:23] Favorite tourist attraction?

[34:38] Best book you’ve ever read? “Cash Flow Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki

[36:33] How to contact Kyle: You can always schedule a call at our Website (