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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Mar 23, 2021


[02:23] About today's guest 'Brian Mitchell, who reviews Real Estate Investing Coverage and how the insurance policy responds, and also Risk transfer.

[03:47] In one word, describe who you are personally and professionally.

[04:36] How did you get involved in the Insurance business?

[06:17] Why are you passionate about Real Estate?

[11:30] Brian describes the importance of his field to a Real Estate investor.

[12:48] What are some of the coverages that a small multi-family owner or syndicator should have?

[17:00] With an LLC agreement, is it still necessary to get Liability Insurance?

[18:18] With the Covid19 pandemic, are people claiming Loss of Rental Insurance, and is it a viable claim?

[19:15] How can an investor price in their minds, a standard insurance policy?

[22:54] Brian's opinion on making high stake decisions

[23:46] What should an investor be looking out for in today's market?

[25:00] Brian's Insider Secret.

[25:49] What's the insurance market forecast like for the upcoming year?

[27:47] With an insurance policy in place, how often should I expect some kind of insurance inspection of my property?

[32:12] What's the best book you've ever read?

[33:15] How to contact Brian

Phone - 207-841-7371

Email -