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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Feb 23, 2021


[01:50] Meet our guest for today, 'Thompson Borque' as she discusses 'Tax Planning' and its long term benefits

[03:05] Thompson shares her background, and how she got into Tax Planning.

[04:50] In one word can you define your strategy, personally and professionally?

[10:35] What's the best way to plan regularly?

[14:05] From a multi-family investor standpoint, what should an owner or operator be looking at from their daily operations in their tax planning?

[19:09] What has changed since you first started, till where you're at today?

[24:43] An insider secret from Thompson Borque.

[29:25] How do you make high stake decisions?

[30:49] What advice would you give a new investor today?

[34:30] Thompson shares a book that had a tremendous impact on her information: "Financial Freedom"