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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Feb 16, 2021


[03:10] Introducing our guest, 'Rob Beardsley', from Lone Star Capital, to discuss the power of Networking, Underwriting, and Capital Markets as they correlate to multi-family investing.

[04:01] Rob describes himself personally and professionally in one word; Pursuit.

[04:51] An overview of Rob's background.

[06:50] The Marshmallow Test 

[09:24] Discussing his journey in the institutional market 

[12:40] About Networking Marketing

[15:45] Did you always do institutional financing from the first deal?

[18:40] Discussing Underwriting and Due Diligence.

[24:00] Rob's Insider secret

[25:48] What should someone be looking out for today, as an investor coming into the marketplace?

[27:30] Do you see treasury or Cap rates going up over the next period?

[34:45] Rob's advice for new investors

[35:01] How to contact Rob



Buy Rob's book on Amazon, 'The Definitive Guide to Underwriting Acquisitions', and get the underwriting model package with it.

Also, get a free Underwriting model package by visiting the website.