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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Feb 2, 2021


[02:56] Mike introduces today's guest, 'Ira Singer', a contractor to discuss construction transformation and low disruption high ROI projects in these times.

[04:21] In one word, can you describe your personal and business focus?

[04:57] What do you mean by a Relationship Builder?

[07:04] Ira shares his backstory and the paths leading up to where he is today.

[12:15] What's your passion for Real Estate?

[15:00] How do prospective owners size up renovations before closing a deal?

[18:30] Ira explains the process of working on a construction project, putting the ideas of the owner and the company together to achieve the desired outcome for the property.

[24:39] What's your secret to doing a renovation that's going to be low disruption but give the biggest ROI?

[28:12] What's your rationale process for making high stakes decisions?

[30:21] Discussing lessons learned so far.

[34:34] From your perspective and your industry, looking into the multi-family industry, give a couple of insider secrets that people need to pay attention to.

[37:08] What advice would you give a new investor today?

[42:11] The best book you've read recently?

Ditch the Pitch by Steve Yastrow

The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack

[43:50] What is the most memorable moment you have had in the last 6 months?

[44:59] How to contact Ira