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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Mar 29, 2022


[01:50] I am going to introduce Candyce Henderson.

[02:35] In one word, what best describes you personally and professionally?

[03:19] Candyce shares her backstory.

[04:24] Talk about your residential team a little bit.

[05:13] How big of a role in that team do you play?

[07:27] Where do you see the market headed?

[09:03] Candyce talks about her favorite asset class.

[10:22] So what are you working on these days?

[14:31] What was a defining moment in your life in the real estate business?

[16:20] If you’re putting deals together, you have to be raising capital. What’s that like in today’s environment?

[19:52] How do you deal with work-life balance?

[21:21] How do you make high-stakes decisions?

[25:46] Candyce talks about pitfalls in today’s market.

[26:20] As a woman entrepreneur running a business and running life, what's that like in today's world?

[30:00] What’s your favorite tourist attraction?

[30:53] How about your favorite restaurant?

[31:18] Best book you’ve ever read?


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