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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Jan 11, 2022

[00:05] Introduction to the episode.
[01:43] Introduction to today’s guest, Paul Moore.
[02:22] Paul’s professional experience.
[04:04] One word that describes Paul personally and professionally.
[05:48] A defining moment in Paul’s life/career.
[11:20] How living a life devoted to Christ has helped Paul.
[12:19] How Paul got involved in real estate.
[14:22] The goal of Wellings Capital.
[15:37] How to vet potential operators.
[17:31] Underwriting and analyzing cap rates.
[23:35] Adding value to a property.
[25:20] Expenses in self storage.
[25:47] Holding onto assets for a long period of time.
[29:11] Paul’s new book, Storing Up Profits.
[31:43] Paul’s health and how he’s doing personally.
[33:21] Paul’s “Insider Secret” for new investors. 
[34:10] Bonus questions round.
[36:19] Resources to learn more about investing.
[37:05] Closing remarks.