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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Mar 1, 2022


[01:05] Intro to show and today’s guest, Michael Mikhail.

[04:22] One word that describes Michael personally and professionally.

[05:52] Michael’s backstory and how it all came together for him.

[09:32] Defining moment in Michael’s life.

[15:42] Talking about Stratton Equities and what they do.

[17:25] Is all your money hard money?

[20:35] Michael’s favorite asset class.

[26:27] How do you make high-stress decisions?

[28:15] Types of technology and resources Michael uses in his business.

[31:23] What do you think your biggest lead generation tool is right now?

[34:24] Favorite tourist attraction.

[35:09] Best book you’ve ever read?