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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Mar 8, 2022


[02:48] So my guest today is Jeff Wickersham.

[04:18] One word that describes Jeff personally and professionally.

[05:04] Jeff’s backstory and some highlights about his life.

[07:17] How Jeff overcomes the mental battle and how he encourages others to do it.

[09:04] Jeff talks about the 30 minutes routine before going to bed.

[10:46] Give an idea of some wins that you stack in the morning or may have stacked this morning before we even did this?

[14:52] Do you think that people naturally have one defining moment in their life? Or are there multiple over years?

[17:12] Jeff talks about his mentor.

[23:34] How do you help people see the benefits of Coaching?

[26:58] Talk about affirmations a little bit.

[29:36] What types of shifts have you seen where people have changed, differences you've made?

[36:39] Favorite tourist attraction.

[37:12] Best book you’ve ever read?

[37:26] Best restaurant you have ever been to?



Socials: Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook (Jeff Wickersham)

Book: Rise, Fight, Love, Repeat: Ignite Your Morning