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My Core Intentions

Jan 18, 2022

[01:21] Introduction to today's guest, Josh Mercer.
[02:44] One word that describes Josh personally and professionally.
[03:58] Where Josh came from, and how he grew up.
[08:38] Starting the nonprofit, Swish Dreams.
[10:28] How Josh’s mother broke him into the real estate scene.
[14:17] How Josh’s mother changed the course of their financial situation.
[17:43] Setting tenant standards as a landlord.
[20:45] Where the market is headed and expectations in real estate.
[23:15] Technology that Josh likes to use.
[23:55] Josh’s podcast, Go Fish Village.
[25:42] Bonus question round.
[28:08] Best ways to get ahold of Josh.
[28:46] Closing remarks.