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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Nov 23, 2021


[00:27] Introduction to guest Charlotte Dunford.
[01:01] Charlotte’s professional background.
[01:45] One word that describes Charlotte personally and professionally.
[02:36] When Charlotte moved to the U.S. and why.
[05:00] How Charlotte got involved in real estate.
[07:00] What to look at when buying a mobile home park.
[09:29] The effects of COVID on the business. 
[13:28] Math versus emotion in investing. 
[15:36] Getting good deals through negotiations. 
[18:53] Advice on finding investment opportunities. 
[20:56] Working with a different demographic.
[22:47] Making high stake decisions.
[23:46] Bonus questions from Mike.
[26:25] How to get ahold of Charlotte.
[26:53] Closing remarks.