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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Dec 8, 2020


[01:27] Today’s topic is “Entrepreneurialism” and guest “Lindsay Preston” 

[02:18] Lindsay describes herself and her business strategy as “Motivated”

[03:08] Lindsay shares her backstory

[07:25] Where is the Writing Room today?

[10:04] What goes through your mind when you’re out of your space?

[11:45] What inspires you?

[12:53] Lindsay’s approach to failure

[14:54] Comparing entrepreneurship today to ten years ago

[16:24] What advice would you give a new entrepreneur today?

[17:30] Techniques and tips for Raising capital for a business

[22:15] Where do you see yourself in 3-10 years from now?

[23:37] Would you advise a new entrepreneur to do a start-up or buy an existing company?

[30:22] What do you need to learn today to take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey?

[33:33] Most memorable moment in the last 6 months

[34:17] How to contact Lindsay