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My Core Intentions

Oct 26, 2021

[00:13] Introducing today’s guest, ‘Denis Shapiro’.
[02:39] A brief bio on Denis.
[03:54] One word that describes Denis.
[05:06] Denis dives into his finance career.
[09:01] Denis’ favorite asset class.
[11:39] Where the market is headed.
[07:11] Start of current private equity fund venture.
[09:02] Defining moment in career change.
[12:55] Housing shortage in the USA.
[15:01] Utilizing vacant office spaces.
[17:30] Denis on being cautious & strategic while taking action.
[19:37] Raising private capital for investments.
[21:00] Passive vs. active investing.
[22:37] Tech that helps with networking.
[23:19] Denis talks about his new book.
[27:52] Denis’’ biggest piece of advice.
[29:51] Bonus questions-favorite book, food, & tourist attraction.
[32:16] Closing remarks.