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My Core Intentions

Oct 5, 2021


[02:45] Introducing today’s guest, ‘Kaaren Hall’.

[03:37] In one word, describe yourself.

[04:03] A brief history from Kaaren Hall.

[05:40] Kaaren explains what a self-directed IRA actually is.

[06:52] Difference between a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA.

[11:15] 529 college accounts, ESA’s, SEPs, and HSA’s

[14:14] Investing with IRA’s.

[20:07] Filing tax returns with IRA’s for UDFI or UBIT.

[25:30] Setting up an IRA.

[29:03] How to make high-stake decisions.

[31:50] Kaaren’s Insider Secret.

[34:06] Wrapping up.

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