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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Sep 7, 2021

Standout Quotes:

“You go through the industry, you do lots of different things and you learn what you're good at and what you're not good at” - [Bryan]

“You really have to focus in and figure out where you're at in the process when you're ready to close” - [Bryan]

“In 2005 we finished up, I decided I know everything about international real estate. I'm going to teach everybody else in the world” – [Bryan]

“I think that we will see a lot of asset price inflation over the next few years.” – [Kent]

“The last 10 years, I learned a tremendous amount about what individual owners and developers need” – [Bryan]

“People are paying record prices for buildings. And so there's definitely a mismatch between where we are specifically today and where the market is” – [Bryan]

Key Takeaways:

  • Kent describes himself in one word as "Intentional".
  • I'm a Midwestern guy. I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and I went to college in Arizona.
  • I worked for a developer that did strip shopping center company called Leo Eisenberg.
  • After college I went to work for them and moved to Los Angeles and started working on properties.
  • I started something called IRETO, the International Real Estate Trade Organization. And we tried to teach people in the US how to buy properties in China, in Japan.
  • By 2008, there was a great financial crisis. We went from having thousands of people buying stuff from us and getting information from us to nobody really caring about international real estate.
  • So that was my sort of third cycle of my life. And that was probably one of the tougher ones.
  • I worked on a skilled nursing facility where the guy had owned some that never developed his own properties.
  • Over my whole career, part of my career was helping big companies figure out how to do their capital and how to close their deals and how to restructure their properties.
  • This half has really been more helping private individuals do $5 million loans, $10 million loans.
  • I own 300 units today and I want to own 3000 units tomorrow. And we do is we provide the capital to allow them to grow from that 300 to 3000 units.
  • We're based in Los Angeles and we have seven to nine deals right now that are construction projects in Boise, Idaho for multi-family.

Episode Timeline:

[02:13] I am super excited about our guest Bryan Shaffer.

[04:51] Bryan describes himself as Focused.

[06:00] Bryan shares his backstory.

[06:38] Bryan talks about when he learned that real estate is a crisis driven industry.

[09:34] In the end of 2010, 2011, Bryan joined George Smith Partners.

[18:13] Do you think it's a reflection of the pandemic and people wanting to get to a less crowded area?

[20:31] What is it structured finance mean or capital markets, or talk about some of that terminology a little bit and explain some of that more in a layman's term, if you would.

[23:33] what's interesting is you set a 30% return and unlike where are you finding 30% return today? Tell me about one of those deals.

[25:43] So do you think that there is the return, per all perspective of what the cap rate is?

[28:54] You sometimes have to make choices and decisions. And how do you go about what's your process for that?

[31:20] Bryan talks about which asset class makes sense.

[37:46] How to contact Bryan