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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Mar 30, 2021


[00:55] Introducing our guest "Kaelyn Motzel", who gives an overview of the importance of property management, particularly in the multi-family space.

[01:50] Kaelyn describes herself.

[02:21] Kaelyn shares her backstory.

[05:21] About the property management space.

[07:08] Do you manage all the properties that you own or 3rd party management as well?

[08:45] Challenges in the property management space today compared to a year ago.

[10:35] What are some of the best software platforms you use in your operations?

[14:20] Kaelyn's team and their functions.

[15:55] How do you make high stake decisions?

[18:15] An insider secret from Kaelyn

[19:29] What plans do you have for the future for Stagecoach?

[23:15] What's the best book you've ever read?

"The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals"  by Chris McChesney, Jim Huling, and Sean Covey

[23:45] How to contact Kaelyn

Email -