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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Apr 5, 2022

[00:06] Intro to Podcast
[01:00] Intro to today’s 100th guest, David Meltzer.
[01:44] Who David Meltzer is and what he’s up to.
[02:52] One word that describes David personally and professionally.
[03:07] How David got to where he is today.
[06:38] Chasing fame and money.
[07:36] The turning point for David.
[10:41] What helped David get out of his habit of self-sabotage.
[12:38] What David put his faith in.
[13:51] One of the biggest challenges in the world today.
[18:18] How gratitude can change your life.
[20:35] How to make high-stake/high-stress decisions.
[22:51] Bonus question round.
[24:27] How to get a hold of David.
[25:21] Closing remarks.
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