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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Sep 5, 2023

Key Takeaways

Being committed to your real estate goals is vital, but without taking consistent action, your commitment won't yield the desired results.

When considering investments, prioritize markets with proven track records, such as Dallas and Houston, as they continue to shine in the multifamily sector.

In syndication deals, ensure that all partners have the financial backing necessary to weather challenges and keep your deals funded.

Be cautious when opting for fixed-rate loans with steep prepayment penalties. Always consider potential exit costs in your financing decisions.

Success in real estate often comes down to focus and passion. Specialize and stay committed to your chosen niche for long-term success.

Believing in the opportunity and being confident in your message can significantly impact your success.


[00:40] Intro to Podcast

[02:46] Intro to episode guest

[05:54] One word that describes Brad personally and professionally.

[07:44] Brad shares why he doesn’t deviate from what he is doing.

[08:52] Brad, what specific factors do you consider when conducting property underwriting beyond the usual metrics like rent growth and exit cap rates?

[16:54] Are you still underwriting deals and looking at deals?

[19:20] What strategies do you currently teach students for raising private capital in today's market, and how do you adapt to the challenges posed by the current market conditions?