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My Core Intentions

Jan 25, 2022

[01:02] What are your intentions?
[02:29] Introduction to today’s guest, Joel Block.
[03:23] One word that describes Joel personally and professionally.
[04:59] Filling in the gaps of Joel’s background.
[06:40] The right way to raise capital.
[10:37] Attorneys, accountants, and investors…oh my.
[12:45] The first time Joel raised capital.
[16:33] New investors and raising capital.
[19:44] Networking in business and investing.
[21:47] Following up with people, clients, and potential investors.
[24:19] Difference between accredited and non-accredited investors.
[28:44] Making high stake decisions and handling high stress situations. 
[30:38] Using technology.
[32:06] Joel’s insider secret for new investors.
[33:14] Where the market is headed.
[34:44] Bonus questions round.
[36:31] Resources for contacting Joel and getting involved.
[37:46] Closing remarks.