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Insider Secrets Real Estate by Mike Morawski

Jan 4, 2022

[00:25] Morning intentions.
[01:10] Introduction to today’s guest, Lauren Brychell.
[01:57] One word that describes Lauren personally and professionally.
[03:05] How Lauren got to where she is today.
[04:37] What Lauren does now in her current role.
[05:36] Dealing with investors and what they’re looking for.
[07:22] How investors' mindsets have changed over the years.
[08:57] Changing career paths and having an open mind.
[10:30] Using social media and marketing to your advantage.
[13:49] Raising capital.
[14:49] Putting on events for current and potential investors.
[17:30] Handling high stress situations.
[19:08] Best technology systems and platforms.
[20:29] Where the market is headed.
[22:07] Insider secret for new investors.
[23:08] Bonus question round.
[25:51] Closing remarks.